"I've been trying to name my business for weeks, after
contacting Frozen Lemons it was named in 24 hours."

Wu Jiajin
Founder of Exotic Species

Catchy names

We create names that stand out from the crowd. Instead of focusing on the ordinary, we put all our energy into creating extraordinary brands.


Creative team

We are a group of creative minds with over 6 years of experience naming companies. Quite frankly, we became pretty good at it. We love to make new, awesome brands come to life.

Fast results

As an entrepreneur you have tons of work to do, leave the naming to us. You'll receive the results within only 24 to 48 hours, delivered straight to your inbox.


Affordable pricing

A creative team of naming gurus at your service, but without the high costs. We already develop names for as little as $11 per custom-made name.


Loved by thousands of entrepreneurs

"After more than a week of struggling I just couldn't find a name I was happy with. I really thought naming was something I could do myself but after some time my ideas actually started getting worse. I'm happy I reached out to Frozen Lemons, they came up with a set of unique and very creative names for my company. I could finally start doing business."

- Karen Joplin, Co-founder of Orange Apples

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