Naming a business is hard.
Frozen Lemons makes it easy.

Naming agency based in Amsterdam. Making brands come to life.

We Created Thousands of Beautiful Business Names

We create company names that stand out from the pack. Instead of focusing on the ordinary,
we put all our energy into creating extraordinary brands.

Let Us Help You Name Your Business

We're a Creative Team
We became naming guru's.

We are a group of creative minds with years of experience in the naming industry. We've been naming companies every day for the last couple of years, which made us naming guru's.

We Believe In well-developed Names
Good Brands Make a Difference

We strongly believe that a good brand benefits a company enormously. It gives your business a head start. A good name will never save a bad company, but the right name can give your business a boost.

We're Passionate about Naming
We Preferably Name Companies All Day Long

It might sound a bit cheesy, but naming companies is really what we love to do. What other job gives us the opportunity to make new, awesome brands come to life.

We're Professional
We Have Years of Experience

We've been doing this since 2010 and we have to admit we became quite good at it. After more than 4 years of naming it became our bread and butter.

Since 2010...


Entrepreneurs Helped


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Cups of Coffee

A Perfect Brand is Passion, Dedication, and a lot of Coffee


The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra


Here are Some Questions You Have
Along with Answers

At Frozen Lemons we are dedicated to developing great company names.

What exactly will I receive?

After you've placed an order we will start the name development process right away. 24 hours later we will send you an email with the brands we have created based on the information you gave us. We also describe how each brand was created.

Why choose Frozen Lemons?

We name companies everyday, if we wouldn't be good at it we would probably be out of business by now. With our knowledge and tools we are able to create powerful, memorable and catchy company name ideas.

How are the names being developed?

Internally we have developed some methods that help us with all the stages of naming a business, from the brainstorming stage to the stage where the brand is created. We'll make sure each name possesses all characteristics necessary to make a good brand.

Who are your clients?

Our clients hail from all over the world, from India to the United States. We are based in Amsterdam but named companies in almost every continent.

What types of payment do you accept?

We use Paypal, a worldwide payment provider. It's safe & simple and offers a wide variety of payment options.

What if I am not satisfied?

Not to worry! We will develop an additional set of names based on your feedback. And the best part? You don't have to pay extra. We like satisfied customers!

I am convinced. Help me to name my business. Show me the naming plans you offer!

Take a Look at
Some of Our Work

A few of the magical brands we've created.

Christian testimonial

I have been extremely impressed with FrozenLemons.
What you guys did in
1 day took me a week without any results.

Christian Harmsen - PaperFlies

Nabeel testimonial

We are excited about Frozen Lemons. Every single name Frozen Lemons created for me was way better than anything I came up with myself. The service was much beyond my expectations.

Nabeel de Wildt - Zeplon

Jonas testimonial

I love Frozen Lemons. Within 24 hours we received an email with awesome and
very usable names
for our new company.

Jonas Mann - Backwarded

Our Naming Plans
Simple & Honest Prices

Pick a plan that best suits your needs.


195/one-time fee.

  • 12 Custom-made names
  • Only €16,25 per name
  • 5 Name Revisions


140/one-time fee.

  • - Most Popular Plan -
  • 8 Custom-made names
  • Only €17,50 per name
  • 3 Name Revisions


95/one-time fee.

  • 5 Custom-made names
  • Only €19 per Name
  • 2 Name Revisions

We Naming

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