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We had struggled for literally years to find a new name for our business. We had changed from a conservative professional services firm, to a software startup, and the old name was bothering us and cramping our style. Thanks to Frozen Lemons we found a new name. Superfast turnaround, and a collection of imaginative names to choose from. Thank you so much.

client Jeff
Jeff Ryall
Lazy Lines

We're glad we asked Frozen Lemons for help. After explaining our business we received 7 company name ideas. we liked 4 of them and eventually picked "Pluck Flowers". It was definitely worth the money.

Naming client
Linsay Brinx
Pluck Flowers

I've been trying to name my business for weeks, after contacting Frozen Lemons it was named in 24 hours.

wu naming client
Wu Jiajin
Exotic Species Film Studios

Naming my business was a lot harder than I expected so I decided to give Frozen Lemons a try. Every single name Frozen Lemons created for us was a lot better than any of the names I came up with myself.

Naming client
Bob Stolk
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How it works

At Frozen Lemons we create beautiful, catchy company names. Names that stand out from the pack. Instead of focusing on the ordinary, we put all our energy into creating extraordinary brand names.

1. Pick your plan

Pick one of our three naming plans ranging from 3 to 15 company name ideas. Naming already starts as low as $10 per custom-made name.

2. Explain your business

Explain us what kind of company you're going to start. The more information you provide, the more accurate we can develop names for your business.

3. Receive company name ideas

Within just 24-48 hours you'll receive a list with suitable names for your new company straight to your email inbox.

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$ 20

per name idea

3 company name ideas

Receive 3 name ideas for your business within 48 hours. Not satisfied? Receive 2 more names based on your feedback.


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$ 14

per name idea

7 company name ideas

Receive 7 name ideas for your business within 24 hours. Not satisfied? Receive 4 more names based on your feedback.


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$ 10

per name idea

15 company name ideas

Receive 15 name ideas for your business within 24 hours. Not satisfied? Receive 8 more names based on your feedback.


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